Our Gemstones

Swarovski Crystal: Created Gemstone composed of Quartz, sand and natural minerals, with a 32% concentration of lead content to increase the crystals refraction index to resemble that of a diamond. Swarovski crystal has a Mohs hardness of between 6-7 so its susceptible to scratches and chipping from wear and tear. The lead content in the crystal increases the refraction index of the glass from 1.5 to 1.7 to give the faceted faced a more glistening  appearance. The crystals are often further enhanced by coating the glass with an Aurora Borealis coating that gives the surface a rainbow like appearance to simulate dispersion from a Diamond. 

Ethically Sourced Diamond: Our ethically sourced  Diamonds are chemically and physically no different from natural diamonds. Using CVD creates a carbon base over a substrate onto which the carbon atoms deposit to form a Diamond. Ethically sourced Diamond is currently the most popular substitute to a Diamond because to the untrained eye they look identical. It has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, a refraction index of 2.176 and a dispersive power of 0.060, which means that it’s not as hard as a diamond, but displays more prismatic fire which means more colour glistening within the gem.


Moissanite: Our Moissanite is another Diamond substitute which is a rare mineral that can be found naturally like a Diamond. It’s made from Silicon Carbide which means it’s able to withstand high temperatures and has a Mohs scale reading of 9.25. Moissanite is slightly lighter than a diamond with a gravity of 3.21 with a refraction index of 2.65-2.69 and a dispersion of 0.104. This means that Moissanite is noticeably much more refractive than a diamond with more prismatic fire.