Is Your Jewelry Real?

Everything we have is real 

Our pieces are imported from Italy and Turkey 

Our pieces are made of quality metals and materials, they will not fade tarnish or turn your skin green 

Our Metals fall into 4 collections:

- Stainless steel (Gold Plated or Natural)

- Solid 925 Sterling Silver

- Gold Plated (Thick Vermeil Quality) 925 Sterling Silver 

- Solid Gold (10k and 14k)


Are your Gemstones real?

Yes our stones fall into 3 categories 

- Lab Created

- Moissanite 

- Natural Diamond 


Most of our Lab Created Diamonds will pass a Diamond Test

Our Moissanite will pass a Diamond tester

Natural Diamonds of Course


Whats the return policy? 

We offer a full 14 day refund if your jewelry is tarnished or you’re not satisfied with your jewelry for any reason