Is Your Jewelry Real?

Everything we have is real 

Our pieces are imported from Italy and Turkey 

Our jewelry falls into 4 collections:

- Stainless steel (Gold Plated or Natural)

- Solid 925 Sterling Silver

- Gold Plated (Thick Vermeil Quality) 925 Sterling Silver 

- Solid Gold (10k and 14k)


Are your Gemstones real?

Yes our stones fall into 5 collections 

- Swarovski Crystals

- Ethically Sourced Diamond

- Ruby

- Moissanite

- Natural Diamond

Some of our Swarovski and Ethically Sourced Diamonds will pass a basic diamond tester


Whats the return policy? 

We offer a full 14 day refund if your jewelry is tarnished or you’re not satisfied with your jewelry for any reason